“I am grateful for all the moments that I have, and I'm moving forward one step at a time to the future”

Park Bo-Gum

Career coaching

We spend a lot of time at work, so it is important that we make choices that lead to a career that is engaging, fulfilling and rewarding. Investing time and energy into a path that does not give us what we need, is exhausting and impacts heavily on our well-being. Our coaching services support you to understand what YOU need from a career and take action to achieve your goals.

We can help you:

  • Identify career paths that will work for you

  • Be more confident in the unique value you bring

  • Enhance skills needed for career success

  • Develop action plans to reach goals and be motivated and accountable for taking action

  • Determine the types of environments where you will flourish

  • Be more confident and prepared for interviews

  • Overcome challenges along the way

"Through goal setting and accountability, Casey helped me align my personal values and strengths to my career aspirations which inspired me to reconnect with the motivation within. Thanks Casey, what an enlightening experience."

Dawn N.

"I found Casey to be a warm, engaging and supportive coach. Her approach to coaching was refreshing, paying close attention to my individual needs and situation in all the sessions. Other career coaching options I looked at appeared more “corporate” and clinical in their approach, so I'm glad that I decided upon Empowering insight."

Kate M.

"The interview skills coaching exceeded my expectations. It helped build my confidence levels and knowledge in interview skills and techniques."

Jane H.

Casey Ball Principal Coach and Consultant Empowering insight

Your Coach - Casey Ball

Casey thrives on helping her clients uncover and maximise their values and strengths to achieve their goals. She uses a values based approach which recognises that understanding one’s values lie at the heart of empowering transformation. Casey helps clients work through their limiting beliefs and unlock what’s important in their lives.

Perth WA 6000, Australia

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